The Bar N Ranch is idyllic for many reasons: our sprawling 200 acres, stunning mountain vistas, silence and solitude; but one of our greatest gifts is location. Situated only six miles from Yellowstone National Park and nestled at the foothills of surrounding National Forest, we enjoy convenient access to both national treasures and best-kept secrets.
Let us take care of all the planning … there isu00a0two and a half million acres of earth, beautiful and engaging wildlife, explosive thermal features, lakes formed by earthquakes, a rich history of gold mining towns and the real American West for you to explore.u00a0Take advantage of all that greater Yellowstone has to offer by booking an activity package with us.u00a0

Ski & Snowshoe Rental

Ski & Snowshoe Rental
These snowshoes are exceptionally durable and easy to use. We rent all lengths including kids so the whole family can go! Rentals include poles and tips on places to go. 
Backcountry Touring Skis
 This set-up is ideal for ungroomed touring trails which may also be shared with snowshoers and wildlife. We carry mid-length metal edge kick and glide skis for fun in deeper snow. Boots are comfortable, warm, and utilize NNN Backcountry bindings which are slightly wider and beefier than NNN3’s. We think of them as snowshoes with GLIDE!

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